Unistrut Clamp

Cut Installation Times dramatically on Industrial Ductwork Systems when using these Clamps with Unistrut channel.
See How these Unistrut Clamps Slash Your Installation Time in the Video Below.
These Unistrut Clamps start at $14.00 and not only save you installation time, but also are less expensive than traditional duct hangers. They are IN STOCK and available for Quick Shipment for your ductwork installation.
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These metal duct straps are used to secure round industrial duct to Unistrut channel, B-Line channel, or any standard 1-5/8" deep industrial strut channel. They are manufactured to be used with Nordfab ducting, U.S. Duct ducting, Jacobs Tubing, and nearly all Custom Ductwork. These Unistrut Duct Hangers are available for duct diameters from 3 inches to 24 inches and are manufactured in galvanized steel (stainless steel optional). These Strut Clamps have been tested by MET Laboratories to hold up to 170 lbs. for 9 inch diameter duct and up to 850 lbs. for 20 inch diameter duct.
Speed up your duct system installation and save money by using these clamps on your project.
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How Unistrut Clamps Save Time and Money on Industrial Duct Installations

These Unistrut Clamps are used to attach industrial ductwork (Nordfab, U.S. Duct, Jacobs Tubing, or custom ductwork) to Unistrut or B-Line strut channel and they provide a firm connection that eliminates duct or tubing movement.

The Unistrut Clamp is manufactured:

  • To fit ducting with diameters from 3 in. to 24 in. in either galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel
  • Bolt and nut are supplied with the unistrut clamp.

Tested by MET Laboratories to hold, without failure, up to 170 lbs for 9 inch diameter duct and up to 850 lbs for 20 inch diameter duct.

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10 1.01
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  1. At temperatures ranging between 390° F and 480° F, the zinc-iron alloy layers in the galvanized steel will continue to provide a high level of protection from corrosion. However, there may be some peeling, changes in mechanical properties, and reduction in the corrosion protection. Recommended maximum service temperature is 390° F.
  2. For 304 SS metal, bluing may occur at temperatures of 800° F and above.
Item Material Compliance/Rating
Unistrut Clamp Galvanized ASTM A653 with a G-90 Rating
304 SS Finish meets ASTM A240
316 SS Finish meets ASTM A240
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