QF Pipe 16 Gauge

16 ga QF pipe is available for applications which require a heavier duty pipe yet still use the QF clamp in order to facilitate quick assembly and disassembly. These QF pipes are manufactured in nominal 5 ft lengths, and in galvanized only.
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16 gauge Quick Fit (QF) pipe is available from Nordfab for applications that require thicker gauge pipe and also allows you to construct a ducting system by clamping parts together quickly, without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements, or special skills. These heavier gauge QF pipes also have laser welded seams to eliminate any area on the inside of the pipe that might retain material or harbor dust. These pipes are manufactured with rolled ends for use with QF Clamps in order to facilitate quick assembly and disassembly and generally are manufactured in 5 foot Lengths.

16 gauge QF pipes are manufactured as follows:

  • In Galvanized only
  • With rolled QF end in diameters of 8 to 24 inches

When used with QF Adjustable Nipples, any straight length pipe run can be estimated and adjusted precisely to length during field installation

  • Construction: Longitudinal seam is laser welded.
  • Standard QF ends can be changed to Raw with a defined ID dimension (RawID), Raw with a defined OD dimension (RawOD), No Fitting or just a raw end (NoFit), Flexible hose adapter (RawFlex), Flat Flange (FFL), Angle Flange (ANGFL), or Van Stone (VanStone).
Length (L)
Rolled Edge
nom. in.
8 59.06 26.5 7.95 7.82 0.3
9 59.06 29.84 8.95 8.82 0.3
10 58.75 33.2 9.95 9.82 0.3
12 58.75 39.5 12.04 11.91 0.4
14 58.75 45.51 14.04 13.91 0.4
16 58.75 51.93 16.04 15.91 0.4
18 58.75 56.68 18.04 17.91 0.4
20 58.75 63.35 20.04 19.91 0.4
22 58.75 70.01 22.05 21.92 0.4
24 58.75 76.38 24.02 23.89 0.4
Galvanized Gauge Metal Thickness
Gauge Inches Millimeters
16 0.0635 1.61
  1. At temperatures ranging between 390° F and 480° F, the zinc-iron alloy layers in the galvanized steel will continue to provide a high level of protection from corrosion. However, there may be some peeling, changes in mechanical properties, and reduction in the corrosion protection. Recommended maximum service temperature is 390° F.
  2. Rock River Silicone Sealant and Red Devil HVAC/R High Temperature Silicone Sealant are not able to be painted.
Item Material Compliance/Rating
QF 16 Gauge Pipe Galvanized ASTM A653 with a G-90 Rating
3M Scotch Seal Metal Sealant 2084 Polyurethane ASTM E162
Bombardier SP 800-C
Rock River Silicone Sealant 100% Silicone ASTM C920 Class 25
TT-S-00230C Class A and TT-S-001543A
FDA No. 421 CFR 117.2600, conforms to FDA requirements
Red Devil HVAC/R High Temperature Silicone Sealant Silicone ASTM C920 Class 25
TT-S-00230C Class A and TT-S-001543A
CEBTP 432.6 140-2
Mil Spec 46106A
CGSB 19C9-9B
DIN 18540 Part 2
Orex 150031-2
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