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  1. Picture of QF Ductwork Pipe
    QF Pipe

    QF pipe is laser-welded ducting and has rolled ends for quick assembly. It requires no tools, as you only need to use clamps to connect the pipes and fittings together. When used with an adjustable nipple, straight pipe runs can be generally estimated and cut-to-fit upon installation. Pipe lengths are approximately 5 feet and have diameters from 3 inches to 24 inches.

  2. Picture of a QF ductworjk Elbow
    QF Elbow

    Standard QF and Long Radius Elbows are available in standard bend angles of 90°, 60°, 45°, and 30° bends. Elbows from 3 to 7 inches in diameter are press formed; elbows greater than 8-inch diameter are segmented elbows. QF Elbows come in galvanized and 304SS.

  3. Picture of a QF ductwork Branch
    QF Branch

    Quick-Fit Duct Branches, also known as wyes or laterals are added typically to accommodate an additional line or lines into the main one. Quick-Fit Branches are standard 30° with a 45° option. QF branches come in galvanized or 304SS metal.

  4. Picture of a QF ductwork Reducer
    QF Reducer

    QF Reducers provide easy transition from one size of duct pipe or fitting to a smaller size. They are manufactured in 3 to 40" diameters with galvanized or 304SS metal.

  5. Unistrut Ducting Clamp
    Unistrut Clamp

    Cut Installation Times dramatically on Industrial Ductwork Systems when using these Clamps with Unistrut channel.

  6. Picture of a QF ductwork Butterfly Valve
    QF Butterfly Valve

    QF Butterfly Valves have a standard locking quadrant handle which enables users to regulate air volumes, for use in only clean air applications. The shaft is a ¾” square rod.

  7. Picture of a QF ductwork T-Branch
    QF T-Branch

    QF T-Branches are added to accommodate an additional line which goes into the main one at a 90° angle. T-Branches are manufactured with QF rolled ends and come in galvanized or 304SS metal. T-Branches over 24 inches come in Flanged only.

  8. Picture of a QF Ductwork Clamp
    QF Duct Clamp

    QF Clamps are used as an easy and quick way to connect QF Pipe and other QF fittings together. Clamps come with an internal seal and a cotter pin to lock the clamp in the closed position. Clamps are made from galvanized or 304SS, and come with nitrile seals (silicone and ePTFE optional).

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