Gripple Hanger

The Gripple Hanger is a quick and labor reducing way to hang QF Ducting. The Gripple Hangers come in 15 ft. lengths with 5 options that will hold up to 715 lbs.
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Gripple Hangers are a quick and labor reducing way to hang Ducting. The flexibility of Gripple Hangers allows suspension of ductwork from any angle while maintaining unyielding support by simply wrapping Gripple wire around the underside of the ducting and securing the ends.

The Gripple Hanger is manufactured as follows:

  • In 15 foot Lengths
  • They come In 5 different sizes based on the amount of weight to be held. Up to 22 lbs, 100 lbs, 200 lbs, 495 lbs and up to 715 lbs.
Wgt. limit sizes that can be supported
Part Weight
22 0.05
100 0.10
200 0.76
495 1.10
715 1.20
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