Advantages of QF Ducting in the Container Manufacturing Process

For container manufacturing facilities, high-quality ductwork is absolutely essential. While most personnel pay little attention to the ducting systems running overhead, a properly installed ducting system helps to keep the facility sanitary, safe, and productive.

We have developed dozens of systems for container manufacturing applications of various sizes, and in our experience, Quick Fit ductwork offers numerous advantages over alternative products.

Before we detail these advantages, however, let's briefly discuss the unique aspects of ductwork in container manufacturing. If you're ready to start reviewing options for a ducting system in your facility, visit our online quote generator to get started or contact us.

Ductwork Systems in Container Manufacturing Facilities

Ductwork runs throughout container manufacturing facilities, and can generally be divided into three separate systems that serve distinct purposes.

First, oil mist collection ductwork plays a crucial role in the stamping process, as oil mist is collected from the process. Ductwork needs to maintain suction and be absolutely leak free to prevent the collected oil mist in overhead ducts from dripping onto workers and equipment. High-quality ductwork keeps the process clean and allows the lubricant to be recycled, ensuring a clean area and an efficient process.

Later in the process, ducting systems collect ink mist generated by the labelling machines. Again, the ductwork needs to be airtight. In order to prevent ink from affecting the operation of the fan, we offer a filter box with removable air filters.

In addition to these processes, ductwork is used to collect overspray from any coatings that are applied to the container. Usually this system involves equipment with an explosion prevention injection system, and we can provide custom ducting that mates to the nozzles of these systems.

Container manufacturing ductwork typically utilizes ducting with a wide range of diameters. All ducting should be structurally sound and dependably leak-free. As with other dust- and oil-mist-collection applications, a quick installation is desirable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ductwork for Container Manufacturing Applications

We recommend QF Clamp-together ducting for container manufacturing processes for the following reasons:

  • Leak-Free Construction - Clamp-together QF Ducting features leak-free solid-welded construction. A laser-weld process ensures a perfectly fused seam and a gap-free rolled edge, and specialists test the ducting a light apparatus to protect against leaks. Many other ducting pipes are not fully welded, and as such, they have leakage. While this may be acceptable for certain applications, it's certainly not ideal for oil mist collection that is required in some container manufacturing plants. QF Camp-together ductwork maintains air pressure and does not leak, providing dependable operation for years of service.
  • Fast Installation - The most immediately noticeable advantage: As its name implies, Quick Fit (QF) installs quickly, typically reducing installation time by as much as 50 percent. Design and procurement is also much easier. When ordering, straight pipe lengths don't need to be exact, since the adjustable nipple can be used with a straight pipe to make any dimensional corrections as needed. This prevents the costly installation delays that can occur with other ducting products.
  • Modular Design - Your ductwork system should be modifiable, so that you can easily add or replace collection drops or tie-ins, machines, or systems as needed. QF ductwork systems are designed to be taken apart and reconstructed. Installers can easily cut and clamp together new lengths of pipe for virtually any purpose. QF duct is also ideal for adding custom fittings and components, like filter boxes or custom headers and pipes. The modular design also allows for easy cleaning of pipe interiors, where necessary.

Container manufacturing plants aren’t the cleanest areas, even with state-of-the-art equipment. High-quality ductwork can help to remove stamping lubricant mist and particulate from the process and the environment, allowing for a safer and cleaner facility, and QF ducting can provide an excellent return on investment through easy installation and its modular design.

If you're considering ductwork options for a container manufacturing facility, we'd love to help. Use our Online Parts List Generator to get a fast quote for your system or Contact Us to speak with an industrial ducting expert.

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