What You Don’t Know About Ducting Can Hurt (Your Project)

The style of parts that you use in your system design can maximize the effectiveness of your system installation.

The latest method of installing ductwork involves using a Strut Clamp that can be used to secure the duct to a channel.

This installation technique would involve the following:

  1. Slip the notched part of each half of the Strut Clamp into the channel on each side of the duct,
  2. Insert the bolt and nut above the duct and tighten to secure the duct to the clamp.
  3. Done, quick and easy!

Each Strut Clamp is manufactured to tightly snug the ducting to the channel without deforming the ducting.

Strut Clamp

Strut Clamp Installation

The traditional method of installing ductwork involves using pipe hangers to secure the duct to some type of channel, such as Unistrut, B-line, etc. There is more hardware and the installation required per connection is time consuming.

For example, for each connection to a piece of Unistrut, you need to have two channel nuts, two threaded rods, four washers, and four nuts.

To assemble, you need to:

  1. Thread a couple of nuts onto the threaded rod,
  2. Insert the channel nuts into the channel,
  3. Slip the bottom half of the hanger below the ductwork
  4. Insert the rod through the pipe hanger holes
  5. Thread each rod into its perspective channel nut
  6. Align the rod on each side of the duct
  7. Place the top half of the hanger on the ducti and feed the rod through each hole,
  8. Thread the nuts onto the rods, adjusting all four nuts to make sure the ducting is secure
  9. Tighten the threaded rod into the channel nuts and tighten all four nuts in place

This method takes a significant amount of time and labor.

Pipe Hanger

Pipe Hanger Installation

Next is knowing that there are two types of reducers that will affect your installation, especially concerning the use in coordination with the installation of the Strut Clamps.

It is particularly advantageous to use Eccentric reducers instead of the traditional Concentric reducers in your ducting system. Concentric reducers are sold as standard reducers by most ductwork manufacturers. However, we are able to manufacture eccentric reducers, which make very little difference in system performance, but make a big difference when installing. The reason is that Eccentric reducers allow you to maintain the bottom of the ducting surface to be level throughout the complete ductwork run. This allows you to use the labor-saving Strut Clamps above to save significant installation time.

Concentric Reducer

Eccentric Reducer

If you use the Concentric reducers, the bottom surface of the duct run continually adjusts upward as you change the duct diameter. And, you would have to use the pipe hangers with the threaded rod installation in order to adjust the duct upward with every reduction on the ducting run.

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