Clamp-Together Ducting Advantages

Advantages of Clamp-Together Ducting Over Traditional Ducting Systems

Whether you're looking for an efficient ducting solution for dust collection, mist collection, or virtually any other application, clamp-together ducting offers numerous benefits over alternative ducting options. Some of those benefits are obvious — for example, ease of installation and quick assembly — while others only become clear after you've planned your system.

Here's a look at some of the reasons why clamp-together ducting makes sense:

  • Installation Flexibility for Pre-Ordering- As the name implies, clamp-together ducting is extraordinarily easy to install when compared to spiral-wound ductwork. When installing equipment or systems, traditional spiral-wound ductwork is fabricated to the exact dimensions from the pickup points to the collection system. Normally, exact fitting measurements are a good thing, but in dust- and mist-collection applications, there's an issue: You'll typically have to wait to order your ducting until after your equipment and system are set up, since custom ducting systems requires exact dimensions before installation is possible. Miss a measurement, and you'll have to wait.

    With clamp-together ducting, you can use the approximate dimensions of your system to determine the number of duct parts and fittings in your collection system prior to installing other pieces of equipment. By pre-ordering, you can ensure that your dust- or mist-collection ductwork is onsite when your equipment arrives.

  • Advantages for Food and Safety Inspections- Food safety inspectors such as AIB (American Institute of Baking) appreciate clamp-together ducting systems, simply because they know that these systems are easy to clean.

    With ducting that is custom manufactured for your system, the AIB guidelines require built-in cleaning access doors, which will allow employees to clean the dust-collection system, since an unclean system could attract bugs and other pests. This adds to the cost of the ductwork and also makes food inspectors' jobs a bit more difficult.

    Clamp-together ductwork is, of course, easy to disassemble and clean, so food safety inspectors are satisfied that the food manufacturer can easily clean their ducting systems.

  • Advantages for Fire Protection - The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) prefers metal ductwork, as it can be grounded, whereas plastic or PVC pipe used as ducting cannot. Grounding the ductwork significantly reduces the chances that a spark would set off an explosion of combustible dust. This is a potential hazard in various applications (sawdust, flour dust, and grain dust are all combustible, for instance).
  • Easy Relocation of Key Equipment- If you use a custom ducting solution and you decide to relocate your equipment, you'll be forced to scrap the many sections of the original ducting if not the entire system.

    With clamp-together ducting, you can make simple modifications to the system without extensive redesigns. You might need to add or eliminate a few ducting parts, but every piece will be completely reusable in the new configuration without major modifications. If you do need to order new parts, you'll typically encounter short lead times; most parts can ship within a week.

  • True Modularity for OEM Systems- If you are an OEM that manufactures systems, clamp-together ducting is especially advantageous. Before shipping the system to a customer location, the ducting can be unclamped and retracted for easy packing and shipping.

    When the system arrives on site, the pieces of ducting can be quickly reassembled to the proper configuration. Your customers will also appreciate the flexibility of QF ducting parts, since portions of the system can be replaced or moved with relative ease.

Overall, clamp-together ducting is safer and more efficient than a custom fabricated ductwork system, and the modular design of QuickFit systems can greatly benefit any organization that requires dust-collection or mist-collection systems. To learn more, call us today to speak with a ductwork specialist.

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