Not All Unitrut Clamps Are Built the Same

How to Buy the Right Clamps for Your Duct System

Strut channel is used throughout manufacturing facilities to carry a variety of systems: electrical, liquid piping, ductwork, and tubing to name a few. Each of these systems require a different type of clamp, even while the strut channel itself is universal.

Industrial ductwork and tubing is typically used to remove dust, mist and fumes, or convey product in manufacturing processes. Industrial duct and tube sizes typically vary from 3 inches to 24 inches in diameter, but can be as large as 40 inches. Traditional duct hangers can be used for installation, but require more parts and much more time to assemble than Strut Clamps. Using Strut Clamps when installing an industrial ducting system can save hours, if not days, of installation time.

Picture of Unistrut Clamp for Industrial Ductwork

Strut Clamp for Industrial Duct

Picture of Traditional Duct Hanger

Traditional Duct Hanger

Liquid piping, which is used for water, oil, lubricants, liquid chemicals and other fluids, is also installed using strut channel in manufacturing plants. However, pipes differ from duct in important ways: dimensions, wall thickness and material.

Pipes have a variety of inside and outside dimensions. Standard pipe sizes are approximations of the inside diameter for smaller pipes, and follow the outside diameter for larger pipes. Wall thickness can be specified numerically, or a schedule size may be chosen for pipe. Pipes also come in a variety of materials, from ABS plastic to aluminum, brass to ceramic, clay to concrete, fiberglass and more.

With the variety of pipe sizes, wall thicknesses, and materials, it is much more difficult to determine the outside diameter of a pipe. In addition, these systems carry liquid, which is much heavier than the air that is carried through ductwork and tubing. Consequently pipe clamps are manufactured with thicker steel and are more heavy duty. They are also more expensive than duct clamps.

Pipe Hanger for Strut Channel

Not all strut clamps are the same; get the right one for your job. Pipe clamps should be used for liquid piping, not duct clamps. The reverse is also true: You can’t be sure that the pipe clamps you buy will fit the ductwork that you are using, and pipe clamps are heavier and more expensive than duct clamps need to be.

Our duct Strut Clamps are specifically designed for the ducting that is popularly used in manufacturing today. And, since duct is generally made from metal thickness from 24 gauge to 10 gauge, this represents a minor change in the outside diameter of the duct. Consequentl our duct Strut Clamps can fit a variety of duct sizes.

Duct Unistrut Clamps are designed for industrial ductwork systems and fit on Unitstrut or B-Line strut channel. They have less parts than traditional duct hangers, and are faster to install and cost less.

If you have custom ducting, please Contact Us. We can verify that our standard clamps will fit or economically make custom clamps for your ducting.

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